The relentless speed at which we function impedes our desire for timeless, nurturing activity. The jarring, irregular and unforgiving clamor and rush of everyday demands makes meaningful intimate human interaction frustrating, at best, and too often impossible. I am intrigued by the terrible juxtaposition and strain between these two forces, to nurture and to keep pace. Many of my paintings depict unclothed and under-defined figures engaging, attempting to engage, or at least yearning to engage in intimate human contact. These paintings may feel frustratingly unfinished, rushed or disjointed by the pace and pull of the typical day. If intimacy is to be obtained, it must be “captured” or share space and time with competing obligations. Even though connections are usually less than satisfying, our need for them is not forgotten. My seemingly capricious titles emphasize this disconnect. They are culled directly from recalled speech fragments or sentiments swirling in my head (and competing for my attention) at the time the corresponding paintings were made. Long-time influences, among others, include Max Beckmann, Edvard Munch, Bob Thompson, George McNeil, Richard Diebenkorn, David Park, Francesco Clemente, R.B. Kitaj and Willem de Kooning. More recent influences include Cecily Brown, Dana Schutz, Cristina de Miguel, Robert Nava, Eddie Martinez, Joe Bradley and David Humphrey.

                                                                                         Don Keene